Death is a beautiful thing,
There's nothing but darkness,
No pain,no hurt,no light,just plain black.
I'm in love with the though that someday
I'll be one with my eternal friend
once I escape this painful existence,
I'll be with my friend who was there through it all,
the darkness.

if you need someone to talk to I'm here if you want to.
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4amsuicide (angry writing is sometimes productive)

(Source: 4amsuicide, via i-deserve2be-alone)

When I told my parents about the girl
That slit her wrists in the school bathroom
Or about the boy who tried to jump from the school balcony
Or about the boy who claimed he was going to light himself on fire- and succeeded
They told me it was a problem with my generation
That we are fucked up individuals and we are doing this
To each other
And they are wrong
We are doing this to each other but only because
We don’t know how to deal with our problems
Because no one has ever taught us
We have always been told that silence is golden
And kids should be seen and not heard
No one is born to hate
We were taught it by our parents
And our teachers
And our politicians
But we were never taught how to love
So why does it surprise them that we take our frustration out on each other
Instead of speaking up
And would rather take our own lives at the age of 12
Than become the cause of the same
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